Lareshea Inteview

Lareshea has an extensive background in treating the pediatric population, as well as, some geriatric experience. She has extensive training in treating Feeding and Language disorders.

Why did you go into speech pathology?

I went into speech-language pathology, because I wanted a mixture of medical and teaching. When my father had a stroke, I met a SLP at the hospital and knew that it was destined for me to follow the career path.

What is the more rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is helping families as a whole and not just the patient. I love empowering parents and letting them know that they are the main reasons that their child/ren improve.

What have you learned from your patients/clients?

My families have taught me to about strength. Their daily battles are so difficult, but they push through and meet challenges for the betterment of their child/ren. It’s inspiring. I am forever grateful for all families I’ve ever worked with.

What’s your favorite exercise to do with your clients and what skill does it help your client build?

I have several favorite activities, but I would say that food play tops the list. I have seen so many of my patients gain confidence and conquer their fears. It’s an awesome experience to see!

To work with Lareshea, give her a call at 972-665-7065.