Christina Interview

Christina has a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating the pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric population. Her initial degree in Respiratory Therapy has helped her assist those with co-occurring disorders that can occur with communication disorders.

Christina, why did you go into Speech Pathology?

I went into Speech Pathology because of my sister’s need for it. As a child, I was inspired by her speech therapist. Seeing the results of her work in my sister was like magic. I knew then that I wanted to be just like her therapist when I grew up.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Making a difference and seeing the smiles on my clients and their parents faces when they achieve something they never thought they could.

What have you learned from your patients/clients, Christina?

I’ve learned many things from my patients/clients. One thing that I feel is the most important is to never give up. We are faced with many challenges in life but as long as we never give up and continue to face our challenges they will eventually become our victories.

Share your favorite exercise to do with your clients and what skill does it help your client build?

Just one? So hard to pick just one. I would have to say my favorite exercise to do with clients is probably relaxation/ deep breathing exercises for clients who stutter. Relaxation/deep breathing exercises often help clients reduce anxiety and tension in order to relax the body in a way that can lead to more fluent speech.

Give Christina a call at 972-665-7065 if you’d like to work with her.