Screenings / Consultations

MSST Therapies provides speech-language screenings and consultations. Screenings and consultations are designed for clients that do not already have an existing professional evaluation by a speech-language pathologist. The screening is a short informal observation of and interaction with your child so we can ascertain if further evaluation is necessary.


A speech and language evaluation is performed in order to gain insight regarding your child's speech and language skills within the context of his or her total development. Standardized tests, observational scales, and parental input are used in order to gather information about your child's communication skills.


MSST's individual therapy programs are customized to each child. Therapy includes a range of fun activities from exploration and play to tabletop work and specialized skill building. MSST designs a therapy program specifically for a child's individual needs. Personalized treatment plans and goals are developed and implemented based on the child's evaluation.


“Mrs. Keisha helped our son in many areas, our focus was on his speech and interactions with others. She always went above and beyond. She met us everywhere, home, park, and Arboretum. She always had a positive attitude.Our son loves Mrs. Keisha. He went from being behind to being ahead.”

Jennie Sullivan